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We create long-term strategies that really work!

We provide full marketing and advertising portfolio management in the area of brand building, positioning or on-line marketing.

We are the full-service advertising agency.

This means that you communicate with only one partner within the advertising and marketing area instead of communicating with many subcontractors. We supervise advertising and marketing activities with the bigger picture in mind and on a conceptual basis. We build valuable brands that excel on the market and are far different from their competitors. We particularly pay attention to good working environment full of advertising experts in on all segments.

We become part of our clients.

Our agency is concerned with company processes, advantages of particular products and services and we find opportunities in marketing communication. We personally care about everything we create and everything is aimed to great results. We use experience from previous projects to attract the target group more efficiently and to decrease campaign costs. That is how we create unique solutions that can bring real long-term benefit.

Case studies

A picture is worth of thousand words.
And that is especially true of our agency.

It was our agency who was the first one in Czech Republic to come with large presentation of case studies in 2012. These presentations became very popular among our clients and we decided to apply them in the future. Case studies allow you to imagine complexness and range of the works performed. Case studies allow you to discover how our agency works, the way we think, connection between application and procedures. We have carried out dozens of projects, so if you are interested in a particular segment, do not hesitate contacting us on info@rency.cz

Bartoň and Partner

For the biggest provider of indemnification and employer of more than 2500 people in the Czech Republic we unified visual presentation, brought an order to an activity distribution and we refreshed overall company image. Internet presentation and company intranet are part of our work too.

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Lobster & Bowland

Exclusive restaurant and state-of-the-art bowling centre in the Czech Republic asked for our services. We worked with a corporate identity as a starting point of our work, which developed into a long-term cooperation within the area of advertising and marketing activities.

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Romans in Olomouc

Marketing project Romans in Olomouc was designed to present of Roman camp and was aimed promote Olomouc within as tourist destination. We created extensive website, own project identity, 3D visualization and materials for a press conference.

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Raxi - wine cellars

It is a pleasure for every creative person to advertise such a unique product, which the RAXI wine cellars surely are. We created complex product identity offering individually designer wine cellars that can be adjusted to customer´s requirements in terms of interior and taste.

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Olomoucká Drbna

Regionální zpravodajský portál, který spadá do rodiny pěti dalších portálů projektu ČeskáDrbna.cz a naše společnost ji provozuje od začátku jejího působení v roce 2014. Díky Drbně máme dobrý mediální zásah a můžeme region obohatit o přínosné informace.

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Pro firmu HIGHFIVE, s.r.o., která se zabývá personálními službami a kontrolou kvality v automobilovém průmyslu, jsme zpracovali kompletní vizuální identitu – od loga, přes webové stránky, až po propagační materiály.

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PSA trading

Společnost se zabývá velkoobchodním prodejem vozidel a patří k našim dlouhodobým partnerům. Realizujeme společně marketingové a online strategie a aplikujeme je napříč Evropou. Pro PSA Trading jsme vytvořili již více než 1250 kampaní.

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Our team

High-quality team is a basis

of our unique results.

MgA. Radek Holík

Working CEO
t/ +420 777 111 525
e/ holik@rency.cz

Adam Roller

Graphic Design Lover
t/ +420 724 784 118
e/ roller@rency.cz

Martin Pavelka, DiS.

Mailchimp Tamer
t/ +420 724 784 118
e/ pavelka@rency.cz

Elizabeth Žolcerová

Boss of Paperwork
t/ +420 724 784 117
e/ zolcerova@rency.cz

Ing. Jakub Wittka

Gossip Guy
t/ +420 774 407 490
e/ wittka@rency.cz

Ivana Domesová

Junior Designer
t/ +420 724 784 118
e/ domesova@rency.cz

David Koráb

Social Priest
t/ +420 724 784 117
e/ korab@rency.cz

Mgr. Petr Macháček

Pixel Warrior
t/ +420 608 755 622
e/ machacek@rency.cz

Lukáš Navara

Photo Guru
t/ +420 603 188 136
e/ navarafoto@gmail.com

Mgr. Jakub Pavlovec

Web & Chimp specialist
t/ +420 777 078 603
e/ pavlovec@rency.cz

Bc. Adam Hrůza

Programming Hero
t/ +420 724 094 177
e/ hruza@rency.cz

Jiří Dvořák

t/ +420 777 006 514
e/ dvorak@rency.cz

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Informace o pozici


We work for corporations and local companies.

We respect our clients and business partners. Below you can find list of our clients and partners that have been helping us creating our work and which we are happy to work for and cooperate with.

OHK Olomouc confirms long-term cooperation with the full-service advertising agency Rency s.r.o. that has always been professional and provided high-level services. There has always been proper and expert fulfilment of contract conditions. There have never been any complications or imperfections. I positively evaluate personal approach, helpfulness and flexibility during the solution of our requirements.

Ing. Jaroslav Havelka

Director of District Chamber
of Commerce in Olomouc

Rency prepared a new visual style and new advertising forms for our company. We appreciate innovative approach, perfect design, fulfilment of set visual and content rules and personal involvement of all the team members. This is a long-term cooperation leading to a mutual satisfaction.

Ing. Petr Korytar

director of Hanácká
real estate agent´s

It is not easy to understand the area of professionally demanding clinical evaluations and I highly appreciate the interest of the agency to identify and understand our problems. This helped us to reach good results in the field of advertising and marketing. Clients give us a very good feedback on work of the agency and this is essential for us.

Bc. Jakub Malota, MBA

managing director


The headquarters of our company is in Olomouc, but our territorial scope is Central Europe. Thanks to the development of communication technologies, the distances become shorter and our reach is much wider. Would you like to try our company? Let´s do it, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.


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